Three Of The Best Reasons To Choose Our Kitchen Splashbacks In Croydon – 26th February 2018

Any colour, any size, anywhere – a kitchen splashback in your home could be the ideal investment to provide you with a burst of colour fitted around your needs. Choose Absolute Glass if you’re looking to make sure your kitchen continues to look fresh and clean with an addition that brings life into your kitchen.

The options open to you when you choose Absolute Glass for your kitchen splashback in Croydon are vast and allow you to completely customise each element. Here are three reasons to choose our kitchen splashbacks in Croydon:

  • Made to measure: Our kitchen splashbacks will be measured and cut to the nearest millimetre to ensure that it looks perfect in your kitchen. We’ll make sure whether you want it behind your cooker or your sink, it’ll fit into the space succinctly.
  • The colour choice: Not every kitchen has a distinctive statement wall. A kitchen splashback in Croydon from our team at Absolute Glass can be designed with a colour that suits your kitchen’s design and offers you a gorgeous statement wall to highlight your kitchen.
  • Easy to clean: Our kitchen splashbacks don’t just look great, they can be wiped clean unlike tiles and grouting.

To discover more about our service and the difference it can make in your kitchen, speak to us today.


Choose Our Team For The Best Shower Screens In Croydon – 12th February 2018

Showers are preferred over baths across the world nowadays as our lives seem to have become faster and more frantic. There are loads of reasons for this, but it means that more and more people are investing in their shower setup.

At Absolute Glass you can put your faith in our team to help design and fit the perfect addition to your bathroom. Our shower screens in Croydon will give you the best chance of stopping water from leaking onto your bathroom floor, keep the heat in from the shower and ensure your bathroom looks great from every angle.

We’re a passionate team of glass experts that understand what people look for in shower screens. We’ll discuss your options together to ensure that you have a shower screen and enclosure that works perfectly for you. Whether you’ve just recently changed to a power shower or your current shower screen is broken, choose Absolute Glass.

Our team are confident that they can help you with our vast experience in the glass world. We’re tasked with providing and fitting a wide range of shower screens in Croydon that are made bespoke for our clients.

To discover more about our glass services across Croydon, make sure you get in contact with us.


Discover The Difference Our Kitchen Splashbacks In Bromley Can Make – 5th February 2018

Did you know that your kitchen could be transformed without the need for pulling cupboards out? Have you considered the difference that your tiling currently makes to your kitchen? If you’re looking for an easy, effective and wipe-clean surface to coat your walls, then you could benefit from a kitchen splashback.

Our team at Absolute Glass have been providing glass solutions across Kent and Bromley for over a decade. This has culminated in watching the development of the latest glass innovations, and how they can impact homes. Our kitchen splashbacks in Bromley are the perfect way to give your kitchen a new splash of colour without having to break the bank or bring wholesale changes to the favourite room of the home.

We’re able to provide our kitchen splashbacks in Bromley to a wide range of shapes, sizes and spaces to befit the nature of your kitchen. The wipe-clean surface will allow you to quickly clean the surface unlike walls or tiling. Once you’ve chosen where you want the kitchen splashback to go – behind your cooker or sink are two popular places – you’ll get to choose the colour. Our vast array of shades will be sure to give your kitchen the ideal addition.

To find out more about our kitchen splashbacks in Bromley, talk to us today.


Consider The Difference Our Glass Doors In Kent Can Make To Your Commercial Property – 29th January 2018

To create a truly modern entrance to your shop, café or office building it’s important that you hit two important points in one fell swoop: Security and attractiveness. A door that can instantly provide you with these two integral entrance features is one made by our team at Absolute Glass.

We provide our customers with a wide range of glass doors in Kent that will help them craft a modern façade to their building. Both professional and formal or informal and sleek, glass doors have the potential to give off any personality you want them to. Frosted glass doors give a secure and formal look to your entrance while a clear style would be inviting for customers visiting your premises.

At Absolute Glass we make sure that every glass door we create in Kent is done so with accuracy and quality. Our ideal is to create and fit bespoke glass doors in Kent so that you can have a smooth, clean and fresh finish to the exterior of your property. Whether you’re a café, a shop, a library or anything in between, you can benefit from the outstanding allure of glass doors made by our team at Absolute Glass.

To find out more about our work at Absolute Glass, speak to our team today.


Discover The Depth Of Our Glazing Options In Croydon – 15th January 2018

To keep your business safe, secure, attractive and innovative, it pays to have the best possible light coming into your property and an alluring atmosphere. There are many ways for you to improve the quality of your interior and exterior ambience with the addition of the right glazing options. Our glazing expertise in Croydon, South London, is trusted by businesses across the area who desire expert solutions to their problems.

At Absolute Glass we have worked with businesses struggling to bring natural light into their office, those worrying about the vulnerability of their windows and those that want to upgrade their current setup. Our wide range of glazing options in Croydon can provide your business with everything it needs to stay secure and look the part all the while.

If you’re looking for something to brighten up your office or shop, perhaps you could benefit from our glazing help. We can install bespoke walk-on glass floors, balustrades, shop fronts, entrances, glass shelves, safety glass, privacy film and solar control as well as emergency boarding help. Choose Absolute Glass as your providers of the swiftest and most appropriate glazing help in Croydon.

Our vast array of services could be ideal for your business to make that 2018 transformation reality. To find out more about our service, get in contact with us today.


Local Architects Near Esher – 8th January 2018

If you are looking for rich designs regarding traditional or contemporary architecture, our local architects near Esher can work with you during the design, planning, construction and more.

Our team at BWP Architects have been creating award-winning homes since 2003, with recent appearances of our work being seen on TV broadcasters such as Channel 4. With our ever-growing experience and passion for architecture, we are confident we can bring your dream home to life with our practical and professional designs.

We can work with you from start to finish, including overseeing the construction and assisting you with planning applications. Our complete service means that you can rest assured we will make the process run as smoothly as possible.


Additionally, we take into account more than just the design of the house. By using our services, we will look at the site and take into account your thoughts for your new home to ensure it fulfils your requirements.

For an insight into the works we provide, take a look through our gallery to see what we can help you design for your home.

Don’t wait to contact our professional team today by giving us a call on 01252 821 114, or emailing via Alternatively, you can fill out the simple contact form on our website, and we will respond as soon as possible.


Choose Our Kitchen Splashbacks In Bromley To Replace Your Tiling – 1st January 2018

Scrubbing off the remains of a chilli con carne, trying to bring back the shine and waiting for the cleaning product to soak on your walls, tiling isn’t always the best idea for a room like the kitchen. The food, steam and general wear and tear can turn your beautiful tiling into a dishevelled wall space.

Don’t let that happen to your kitchen by investing in a bespoke fitted kitchen splashback for your home in Bromley, Kent. Our team at Absolute Glass work tirelessly across Bromley and neighbouring towns to provide homes with a splashback for their specific space. Not only are splashbacks named because of their ability to protect your walls from splashes, they also add a splash of colour to your kitchen.

Whether you’re looking to add a bold and courageous purple or you want a lighter shade of eggplant to accompany your kitchen, we can have it made and fitted to your exact requirements. Having gathered experience working across Bromley, we have fitted small and compact kitchen splashbacks to go behind an oven unit as well as supplying a whole kitchen with a flush kitchen splashback – we’re ready to help you.

Speak to our team today to discuss all your requirements, find that perfect colour and get a rough quote for the job.


Choose Our Team For Quick And Efficient Glass Replacement In Bromley – 18th December 2017

Do you need your glass replaced in Bromley? Whether due to it being smashed or general wear and tear, we can replace almost any pane of glass that you need, including misted double-glazed units.

We pride ourselves on providing a fast, efficient and reliable service throughout the south of England. Absolute Glass has been around since 1993, and our experienced team will make sure we make the process as painless and as quick as possible for you.

Constantly offering our services to a wide range of clients, we’re able to deal with glass replacements for shop fronts and offices to residential and period properties. We’re able to offer replacement glass for windows, doors, shop fronts, glass partitions, as well as mirrors and safety glass.

Our team can fit your glass replacement in Bromley quickly and effectively so that you can get back to your day-to-day life without having to worry about the security of your property.

If you would like to talk to us about your needs, or for any technical advice you may require, please don’t hesitate to contact us via our contact form. You can also ring us on 01689 854517 or email us on


Bespoke shower screens and enclosures in Croydon – 11th December 2017

Whether you’ve got a plastic sheet halting water coming from your shower, or your old screen is failing to close properly, it can leave water all over your bathroom floor after a shower. This can also be compounded by the aesthetics of an ill-fitting shower screen or a plastic style.

With Absolute Glass we’ll take your shower style and space to create a bespoke shower screen for your home in Croydon. As an experienced team in Croydon, we know how to transform your bathroom shower screen or enclosure to befit your washroom perfectly.

Power and walk-in showers are a great way to save space in your bathroom as you’ll be able to leave out the bathtub or merge them together. However, with this comes the danger of spillages and flooding onto your bathroom floor. To help stop this, choose our experts at Absolute Glass. We’ll professional design and create a bespoke shower screen and enclosure in Croydon that’ll defend against water splashes and spillages.

Our team are glass experts work across Kent and the South of London and provide solutions for both domestic and commercial customers. We know exactly what you’re looking for in a shower screen and the positive impact it can have on your bathroom as a whole.

To discuss your options with our professional team at Absolute Glass, get in contact with us today.


Why Buy A Set Of Glass Doors From Our Team In Kent – 20th November 2017

To make a stunning entrance to your café, book store, shop or office, a standard door with no sign of personality isn’t the best start. Let the inside of your building make the impact you want it to with our glass doors in Kent. Frameless and toughened glass will make a big difference to the way your property looks from the outside.

At Absolute Glass, we can provide, deliver and fit glass doors in Kent to your every requirement. We understand that the main reasons companies and buildings want to add glass doors is for the incomparable aesthetics, but they’re also incredibly safe.

We make sure that every glass door we install in Kent is both durable, easy-to-open, secure and reliable. These four things will ensure that every time someone uses the door, they will be welcomed into your building and not be put off. Our glass doors will help maintain a modern and fresh look to your building and you will have the ability to add frosted decals to them to show off your branding.

The options open to you for glass doors in Kent will revolutionise your space and help highlight your building as a place to be.

To discover more about our glass doors in Kent, speak to our team today.


Transform Your Home With Our Kitchen Splashbacks In Kent – 13th November 2017

People around the world are shunning tiles and paint for their kitchen walls in favour of something sleeker, more attractive and easier to clean. The kitchen splashback is a popular addition to any kitchen space as it instantly provides a dash of colour and a sparkle that can’t be compared.

At Absolute Glass, we cut, install and fit kitchen splashbacks for homes in Kent that want to move away from the traditional methods. We’re passionate about our ability to make the best possible impact in your kitchen. The vast spectrum of colours that we can create for you and the ease of installation make it a great investment.

The cost-effective nature of our kitchen splashbacks in Kent ensure that transforming your kitchen’s style and look is simple. Whatever the current theme of your kitchen, you can benefit from the enhanced aesthetics that a kitchen splashback provides.

Not only are all our kitchen splashbacks easy to clean – usually with simply a wet cloth – but they are also easy to replace if you want to bring a new colour or a different style into your kitchen. You can enhance your kitchen immediately with one of our exceptional kitchen splashbacks in Kent.

To find out more about our service, speak to our team today.


Find The Ideal Glass Doors And Partitions For Your Property In Bromley – 6th November 2017

Separate your office with a spacious and forgiving addition, warm up your home with a seamless new feature; a glass door has the potential to transform any room with its stylish appearance and effortless functionality.

At Absolute Glass, as a professional glazing company in Kent, we can provide you with an outstanding set of glass doors in Bromley that will befit the style of any room. Whether you’re looking to partition a section of your office to make a sleek meeting room or you want to divide you living room and dining room to provide two distinct spaces to enjoy, we can create and fit them to your home.

Our glass partitions are ideal for homes, but we can also provide frameless, toughened glass doors in Bromley that will perfectly befit your shop, café or offices. They will instantly provide your exterior or interior with a strong, sturdy and attractive door. Not only will it be able to stand up to any security test that is thrown at it, but it is made to be long lasting.

Choose Absolute Glass for your glass partitions and glass doors in Bromley that will transform the appearance of your office or home. To find out more about our services, get in contact with us today.


Try Our Exceptional Kitchen Splashbacks In Kent – 23rd October 2017 

If you’re tired of grouting, cleaning between tiles or trying to keep your tiling looking shiny and attractive throughout the year, there’s an alternative that could transform your home. At Absolute Glass, our range of kitchen splashbacks in Kent are the ideal antidote to those tiresome tasks.

A splashback is a simple yet effective method of stopping food residue, steam and dust to build up on your walls. It is pane of glass that is attached to your wall and will instantly provide your kitchen with a dash of colour.

Available in almost any colour you can think of, our kitchen splashbacks in Kent will give your favourite room of the home a refined and sleek look. With our service at Absolute Glass you can rid your walls of tiling, rough grouting or painted walls in favour of an easy-to-clean surface with a glossy finish.

Perfectly suited to kitchens modern or traditional, old or new; our glass splashbacks are sure to look great in your home instantly. Whether you want to add it to one section of your wall or to wrap around every tiled area in your kitchen, our team can supply and fit it to your requirements.

To find out more about our kitchen splashbacks in Kent, get in contact with us today.


Call Us For Emergency And Immediate Glass Replacement In Bromley – 16th October 2017

Has your shopfront been smashed overnight? Do you want to replace your windows to better your energy efficiency? Luckily, these questions and more can be solved instantly by our team at Absolute Glass. Providing glass replacement services across Bromley, we know how to fit and install new glass for your shopfront, home or building.

Replacing glass may be our claim, but we do much more than that. Our aim at Absolute Glass is to improve the glass that we’re replacing to guarantee you have the best products and the most applicable glass solutions.

At Absolute Glass, we are on hand to provide emergency boarding services, glass replacements and glass repairs so that your building is secure and looks good. We have a team of emergency glaziers in Bromley that are at your service 24 hours of the day to come up with the most appropriate solutions for your needs.

We understand that the security of your property or shop is imperative when a window has broken or there’s a damaging crack. Our team will ensure you are put at instant ease with our glass replacement services in Bromley. We work across the area to provide the most befitting answers to all your glass-related enquires.

To discover more about our team at Absolute Glass, get in contact with us today.


The Perfect Glass Doors In Bromley For Your Business – 2nd October 2017

It may be subconscious and they might even go unnoticed but glass doors can make a huge difference to your business. The attractiveness and natural light that they can add to your offices, stores and restaurants will provide your potential customers with positivity from the first glance at your business.

For the best glass doors in Bromley fitted to your every requirement, choose Absolute Glass. Not only do our team know how to expertly install glass doors for a wide range of frames, but they can be customised to befit the usage of it.

If it’s an external door that needs to be secure throughout the time you use it, we can provide you with strengthened glass that will still provide you with a unique look, but also offer you protection. Perhaps you’re looking to partition your office or create an inner door in your shop; our glass doors can be made to be light and ergonomic.

Our selection of frameless glass doors in Bromley are perfect for a wide range of uses and offer a great alternative to unwelcoming opaque doors and clunky wooden frames. Choose our team at Absolute Glass to install our highly-rated glass doors for your business.

Get in contact today to discover the benefits of our service in Bromley.


Discover Our Professional Glass Replacement In Bromley – 25th September 2017

While it’s usually a slowly deteriorating aspect of your property, windows have to be exceptional to keep out the cold weather and rain throughout the year; especially in the UK. At Absolute Glass, our glass replacement in Bromley is trusted for both its promptness and quality.

Working for almost a quarter of a century in the glass business, we have had to cater for a wide range of clients. From shop fronts and offices through to homes and period properties; all these have required use of our unmatched skills and expertise to provide the right solutions.

Glass replacements will bring a new lease of life to your broken, damaged or tired looking windows or partition doors. Our expert team can professional fit the ideal replacement glass in Bromley with speed and competency. Whether you need a specific style of glass to match with the rest of your property’s windows and doors or you just want to upgrade the glass on your property, our team are on hand to provide advice and outstanding quality.

Our team are chosen in Bromley for glass replacements to help make homes, properties, offices and shops look the part with our swift service.

To find out more about our team and the endless options open to you, speak to us today.


Three Ways Our Glazing Services In Bromley Can Be Used – 18th September 2017

The various options open to you with glass may seem like a small pool at first but when you see our huge selection of glazing opportunities, you’ll realise the potential of your home or office. At Absolute Glass, as glazing experts in Bromley, we’re called for many jobs across Kent and can help you find the ideal glazing solutions.

We’re proud of our array of glass services that can leave you with a transformed interior or more secure exterior. Whether you’re looking to create a divider in your home to separate your dining room or you want to add a new balustrade to create a sleek office entrance, our team can help.

To help you discover the range of our glazing opportunities in Bromley, here’s three of our popular services:

  • Glass splashbacks: If you haven’t seen or heard of splashbacks then you’re missing out. The spectrum of colours and easy-to-clean nature of them is taking kitchens and bathrooms by storm.
  • Shower enclosures and screens: The easy way to transform your bathroom. Adding one of our bespoke shower screens will give you more perceived room and a stunning finish.
  • Glass partitions for homes and office: Change the layout of your home or office with an unobtrusive and good-looking glass partition wall.

To find out more about our glazing services in Bromley, speak to our team today.


Find Out How Our Local Glaziers In Croydon Can Help You – 11th September 2017

The vast selection of options open to you with glass mean that whatever you’re looking to do or replace in your home or business, there is a solution. At Absolute Glass, as one of the best local glaziers in Croydon, we can make sure that you have a professional installed and aesthetically pleasing addition to your property.

Our team are on hand to provide you with everything you need to transform your home, replace broken windows and doors or even solve conservatory leakage problems. If you want a team in Croydon that can make the most of your spaces with the inclusion of glass, choose Absolute Glass.

Here’s the ways we can transform your commercial or domestic property:

  • Commercial: We’re able to produce and replace shopfronts, balustrades for stairs and entrances, walk-on glass floors, boarding and security services, or even glass partitions that are ideal for a sleek design in your office.
  • Domestic: You can easily give your home a replenished look with products like made-to-measure mirrors for any area of your home, toughened glass doors, shower screens and enclosures, kitchen splashbacks of any colour and glass worktops.

We’re passionate about our ability to accommodate to any requirements you have in your home or commercial property. To discover the depth of our service and how we can help you, speak to our team today.



Glazing Westerham – 21st August 2017

If you have found us by searching online for glazing suppliers and fitters in Westerham or the surrounding area, then you’ve come to the right place and welcome to Absolute Glass. We can help you, if you require new glazing for your home or commercial premises.

Although we appreciate that we aren’t the only glazing company in Kent, from previous client feedback, we can say with full confidence that you won’t be disappointed with coming to us. Here are three reasons why:

  • Product – We provide the highest quality of glazing in a range of design styles to suit your personal taste. All glass products provide excellent security for your premises.
  • Service – We pride ourselves on the service we deliver to all of our customers. We offer a truly bespoke service. Let us know what you want and we are confident we will be able to supply it for you.
  • Price – Although cheapest doesn’t always mean best, especially when it comes to quality glazing and service, we ensure our prices are competitive.

We hope from the information supplied above and on our website, you make us your first choice when you’re looking for a glazing company in Westerham. If you have any questions, then you can call us on 01689 854 517.

Look no further for a glazing Westerham provider!


Find Professional Glass Replacements In Croydon – 14th August 2017

We all ignore problems or minor issues in our home every day. You walk past that crooked picture frame, the broken bannister or the perma-broken glass door. At Absolute Glass, while we can’t repair everything in your home, we can provide the perfect glass replacement in Croydon for you.

Living room and office partitions are a great way to divide up space in any area without losing the natural light that begins in either. You can create private and homely spaces easily with a glass partition or door fitted or rejuvenated by us.

Our team of experts at Absolute Glass are on hand to replace any glass in your home to a wide variety of requirements. From double glazed glass partitions that take up a complete wall to small windows that allow a new fraction of light to be cast into your home, we can provide it all.

Maybe you need to replace your glass door with a frosted style to increase the privacy of your office space, or perhaps you’re looking to create a new room by adding a glass partition to your home. Our experience in replacing and finding solutions for glass makes us the ideal choice in Croydon.

To discover more about our glass replacement service and how it can transform your spaces, get in contact with us today.


Bespoke Mirrors Orpington – 31st July 2017

Affordable and captivating bespoke mirrors in Orpington

A mirror is a great way to add depth to a room, all the while adding to its character and style. Whilst various high street shops sell a variety of mirrors, many of them simply don’t make the cut. If you’re looking to introduce a unique mirror into your home that is built to your specifications, we are here to help.

Here at Absolute Glass, we are specialists at creating made to measure mirrors. No matter the size or shape of the mirror you have in mind, our team have experience working with an array of different styles. Using the best materials, the right equipment and the correct skills, we will be able to create you a truly stunning mirror.

Alongside our bespoke mirrors, we specialise in glass shelves, balustrades, emergency glazing, glass tops, shower screens and much more. If you would like to find out more about our services and how we can help you, get in touch today. Call us today on 01689 854517 or drop us an email at where we will respond promptly.

For a service that is professional, reliable and prompt, choose Absolute Glass today. We always aim to listen to what our clients have to say in order to make improvements to our services, and we are waiting to hear from you.


The Best Team To Call Upon For Glass Doors In Kent – 24th July 2017

Glass doors allow a spacious yet private division in your living room, kitchen or office. At Absolute Glass, we provide top quality glass doors in Kent for your every requirement. We can cut and install bespoke doors that befit the style you’re looking for.

Partition doors inside your home, or patio doors that lead out to your garden are a great way of bringing natural light into your home and spreading the perceived space. We can install a wide range of glass from frosted, French, clear or tinted depending on your requirements.

Every pane of glass we use is checked for its outstanding quality, toughened for extra protection and will look great in your home or office. Partition walls take up a lot of space, but by installing a slick and sleek glass door in this space you will see the difference immediately.

Since our inception in 1993, our job has been to provide the ideal solutions to a wide range of problems when it comes to glass. From repairs and emergency boarding up all the way through to shower screens and mirrors, our team can provide the ideal solution.

If you’d like to discuss your options with our team and how we can transform your home or office with our glass doors, get in contact with us.


Shower Screens Made Bespoke For Your Bathroom In Kent – 17th July 2017

Available in a variety of styles, stunning in every bathroom and with the ability to change your space immediately, shower screens are a great investment in your home. At Absolute Glass, we provide bespoke shower screens in Kent to stop the splashing and add something unique to your bathroom.

Every time you walk into your bathroom or shower room, we want to ensure you’re greeted with a sparkling shower screen or enclosure that befits the style of your room. With our expertise in the creation of bespoke shower screens, kitchen splashbacks and more, we understand how to use glass to make the most of any space.

Our professional team at Absolute Glass have worked with hotels, hostels and guest houses to provide the best possible solution to their problems. If you’ve got an issue with too much water exiting the shower or you’ve recently installed a power shower and want to extend the shower space, we can do so.

Using our professional service, we will cut and install a quality door, enclosure or simple screen to make sure that you have a bathroom to be proud of. We work with private as well as public homes across Kent to transform their shower rooms.

To discover the simple way to make you proud of your bathroom once more, get in contact with our team.


Find Bespoke Mirrors In Croydon – 3rd July 2017

When you’re looking to add room to your home, it’s important that every space can breathe. With mirrors in your home, you will begin to see the increased perceived space. Our team at Absolute Glass can provide and fit bespoke mirrors in Croydon for your property.

Our team are dedicated to providing mirrors in a variety of styles to befit the nature of your home and the room it is placed in. From full-length mirrors that reach the ground to small, neat mirrors in ergonomic positions for your requirements, we can help you.

Every single piece of mirror we fit is created bespoke for our customers. We understand that each of our customers is different, and we can abide by your every requirement to make sure you are happy with our service.

We’re able to produce a wide range of mirror styles depending on the property. From standard silver designs that will add brightness and reflect natural light, to tinted mirrors all the way through to antique shades befitting of your home.

Our experience in providing bespoke panes of glass for customers across Croydon and London gives us the footing to create stunning mirrors for your home.

Discover how easy our service can be for you by getting in touch with us today.


Install The Perfect Shower Screens For Your Home In Kent – 26th June 2017

Your bathroom should be a place of serenity. Relaxing under the hot stream of water or soaking in the warm water of a bath. Therefore, your bathroom should look great too. Our experts at Absolute Glass can help you to install the best shower screens in Kent for your property.

Our expertise in glass means that we can create bespoke panes for your bathroom and ensure two things. One. That your bathroom floor isn’t specked with soapy water while you’re showering. And two. That it will look stunning.

A shower screen will add a lot to the character of your room. Whether it’s a floor to ceiling screen door that slides open or you want to just cover the area that is most affected, we can do this for you. Glass in your bathroom will not only add a hint of quality, but make it feel more spacious.

We will help you to make the right choice by visiting your property beforehand. Starting with discussing your reasons behind it and how we can solve the problems you’re facing, all the way through to designing the perfect shower screen for you.

Our glass specialists work across Kent to provide glass replacements, kitchen splashbacks and more. To discover how we can help you with all your glass needs, get in contact with us today.


Professional Glass Replacement Across Kent – 19th June 2017

Whether you’re looking for a splash of something new or want to transform your living areas, our team at Absolute Glass can help. We provide professional glass replacement across Kent to give your commercial or domestic property a fresh new look.

We’ve been gaining our reputation as one of the best glass specialists in Kent since 1993. Our experience in providing solutions to all your glass problems will make the process easier for you. Here’s why you should choose our team for glass replacements in Kent:

  • Flexible service and expert staff: Our team here can ensure you’re making the most of your spaces with advice on glass replacements. From offices to living rooms, we’re passionate about glass adding light to your rooms.
  • Locks, repairs and replacements: Not only confined to replacement windows, doors and partitions, our team can repair and fit new locks to your doors for additional security.
  • Let your imagination run wild: We believe in providing windows and doors that are befitting of your interior style. We can create coloured, frosted, Georgian wired glass as well as laminated, safety glass and more.

Just look at our gallery to see some of our previous work. We can give you advice on the best course of action for your offices or home. Get in touch to find out more.


Five Reasons To Invest In Our Kitchen Splashbacks In Bromley – 5th June 2017

Your kitchen is usually a hive of activity every single day and mess is inevitable when cooking. Spaghetti, chilli and frying stains can cake into your tiling, leaving you to spend a long time scrubbing it clean. At Absolute Glass, we can install bespoke kitchen splashbacks in Bromley for your home.

There’s a move in kitchen circles to install splashbacks to replace tiles where the oven is. This wall can easily become a statement wall with our help. Here’s five reasons to call upon our team for your kitchen splashbacks:

  1. Experience: our team has been established in glass works since 1993 and are always looking to innovate our product range.
  2. Easy to clean: glass is a great replacement for tiling, as there’s no grout for food debris to settle. Wipe cleans with ease.
  3. Attractive: allow the kitchen splashback to take up a large chunk of your wall to provide a gorgeous statement wall.
  4. Customise: you can choose the colours, size, and fit of the splashback. Befit the theme of your kitchen or choose something utterly unique.
  5. Bathroom or kitchen: great alternative for the bathroom too and will give you a more attractive finish than traditional tiling.

Discover more about our kitchen splashbacks by getting in touch with us today.


Buy Glass Doors In Bromley – 29th May 2017

Glass can add natural light to any room and create the presumption of more space in any room of the home or office. Our team at Absolute Glass can provide you with high-quality glass doors in Bromley for any requirements.

Adding a glass partition door to your living rooms or to divide off certain rooms in an office can help to generate more natural light. While light is important to every room of your home, it’s also important to have glass doors that are stylish and fitted professionally.

Since 1993, we have been creating bespoke panes of glass for a wide variation of buildings and properties. Frosted glass, decorative glass and straight glazed windows can be used in a variety of rooms practically or for a contemporary look.

We pride our work on being able to source and fit the best quality windows across Kent. Our frameless toughened glass doors are a great space saving alternative to traditional doors. They will provide a secure and long-lasting partition in any room.

Our wide-ranging services can be used to create many types of bespoke glass. From shop windows, entrance doors to windows and safety glass, we can help you with any enquiry you have.

To discuss your options with our team, get in touch with us today.


Five Reasons To Choose Our Team For Mirrors In Kent – 22nd May 2017

Mirrors are a great way to increase the amount of perceived space in your home. Placing them on walls can help to improve the brightness and light in rooms. At Absolute Glass, we can provide and install bespoke mirrors in Kent for your property.

We believe that mirrors can be fitted to any home, and our range of services ensures that we can cut it to any size to befit awkward walls and tight spaces. Here are five reasons to choose our team at Absolute Glass:

  1. Made to measure: we will draw up and accurately measure your mirrors for your living room, dining room, bathrooms and more.
  2. Experienced: with over two decades of experience in the glass and mirror business, we can let your imagination run wild.
  3. Different styles: we can help you find a style that suits your home. From standard mirror glass to antique and ancient hues depending on your requirements.
  4. Fast and efficient: our team are trusted across the South East of England for our swift and reliable glass and mirror service.
  5. Free advice: our team will help you to get the most out of our service by offering free advice for mirrors and their positioning in your home.

Discover more about our mirrors by getting in touch with us.


Kitchen Splashbacks Croydon – 8th May 2017

Bubbling chilli con carne, sizzling stir fries and boiling pasta fires water, starch and food into the air. The first place it hits? The wall. At Absolute Glass, we can provide you with easy-to-clean kitchen splashbacks in Croydon.

Glass splashbacks from our team here at Absolute Glass can be fitted to suit the space behind your hob. It can also be used next to a sink to stop water hitting your walls. Glass is a lot easier to clean than tiles or stainless steel splashbacks that accompany cookers.

By installing a glass splashback, you can simply wipe away the grime to leave a shiny and attractive surface. They create a statement wall in your kitchen stand out even more. Behind an oven is often forgotten about, but the impact a splashback can make is exceptional.

Available in every colour you can think of, we will design and cut it to fit your kitchen. Whether you want to fit the whole wall with a splashback and add a block of colour or you desire a small splashback to stop food getting onto your walls, we can supply it for you.

We’ve been providing glass solutions since 1993 and can help transform your kitchen into a beautifully designed space. To find out more about our kitchen splashbacks and get a quote for your job, get in touch with us today.


Glaziers Bromley – 1st May 2017 

Your windows and doors are battered by the wind and rain of the United Kingdom, never flinching in their duty to keep your property warm and dry. Our team of expert glaziers in Bromley at Absolute Glass can help you with all your commercial or domestic queries.

Our years of experience in the glazing field means we can supply and fit specialist glass for all types of doors and windows. Whether you’re after frosted glass, coloured, obscured or our range of Georgian styles, we can fit them all to your property.

If you’re looking to double glaze your windows to keep the heat in your property, or you’re wondering whether adjusting the locks and seals on your windows will improve the security of them – our team can help you out.

We’ve work with broken glass as well as older frames to bring them to a safe and attractive conclusion. We are not just limited to windows and door glass but we can supply and readjust the hardware of them. Hinges, locks, friction stays, patio door rollers and more are all part of our burgeoning armoury.

Our job is to ensure that your property, a warehouse, home or even a shop, is glazed professionally and looks the part before we are satisfied.

Find out more about our range of glazing services by contacting our team today.


Kitchen Splashbacks Bromley – 24th April 2017

Kitchen splashbacks are a perfect way to hide unsightly walls and add a statement wall to your kitchen. At Absolute Glass, we can create kitchen splashbacks in Bromley in a variety of colours and styles to befit your kitchen.

Our kitchen splashbacks are made from reinforced and toughened glass to make them strong for everything your kitchen throws at you. Whether it’s below an extractor fan or around a kettle, our glass splashbacks are ideal to provide a flash of colour in your kitchen.

We use specialised glass paint across the back of the glass and use a unique protective coating to make it long-lasting. This will give you an opaque finish to hide unsightly walls and a bold colour to make a statement in your kitchen.

We have a wide range of colours for you to choose from to ensure that you can match up the colour for your kitchen. We can use our colour match sampling to ensure that when your splashback is made for you, it will be the perfect colour.

Our team are able to cut the glass splashbacks into whatever shape or space it needs to fit into. We can also provide a wide range of specialised glass services for you.

To find out more about our service, get in touch with us today.


Glass Shelves Kent – 10th April 2017

No other material can be cleaned, maintained and look as good as glass can in your bathrooms. A perfect addition to any bathroom are glass shelves. Accompanying a shower screen, it can bring the room to life. At Absolute Glass, we are able to create and fit glass shelves in Kent for you.

Glass shelves sit perfectly under glistening mirrors as an ideal place for toothbrushes, hand soap and tablets. What you’ll often find under the hand soap when it runs out on traditional painted or heavy surfaces, is a ring of grime. Cleaning the glass on the shelf is easy with just simple products from your cupboard.

The shine that our team here at Absolute Glass will leave it in will assure you of our quality. Not only will the shelf last a long time, but it will be secured to your wall tightly to prevent it being knocked off and smashed.

With space a constant worry in homes across the country, using glass can be a great way to expand the room that your eyes see. Not only can you create an ideal place for toiletries, but have a glass shelf that looks amazing.

To discover our wide variety of glass solutions for your commercial or domestic properties as well as our structural glazing abilities, get in touch with us today.


Glass Replacement Bromley – 3rd April 2017

It’s sometimes inevitable that glass will break. Accidents happen and over time, windows, doors and shower screens can become more fragile. At Absolute Glass, we provide outstanding glass replacement in Bromley for any situation.

Since our foundation in 1993, our team at Absolute Glass have been adjusting to the ever-changing market to provide an over-arching service dedicated to glass and glazing service. As an established glazing contractor in Kent, we can create swift, bespoke glass solutions to every glass-related problem you may have.

Whether you’re looking to replace your windows in your home, or you want us to install a new replacement shower screen, our team are perfectly placed to deal with your request. Shopfront windows can make an important impact on sales. A clean and properly installed glass window can make your shop front even more attractive.

Our team have the expertise to cope with any requests around glass, and are best placed to discuss the ideal solutions to any problems you have. Across the South East of England, we have gained a reputation as a trustworthy and quality glazing contractor, but this is merely one string to our bow.

Whether you’re looking for glass replacements, door hinges, locking mechanisms, frameless glass hardware and more – see what our team can do for you. Get in touch with us to find out more.


Kitchen Splashbacks Kent – 27th March 2017

Adding a drop of colour to your kitchen without breaking the bank can seem a thankless task. They are a great alternative to out dated tiles that a revamp. No need matter how much you shine them up, they’ll never change. At Absolute Glass, you can add colour and stop food caking onto your wall with our range of kitchen splashbacks in Kent.

The easy-to-clean and even easier to maintain splashbacks stop your kitchen walls taking a beating from food spilling and spraying the walls. There’s nothing worse than doing the half yearly full kitchen clean and stretching over the cooker to scrub the tiles in all the nooks and crannies.

Remove this aspect of the cleaning process by having a wipe-clean surface to gawp at all year round. The vast range of colours means you’ll be able to inject a colour that suits your current kitchen style.

Since 1993, we have been providing the South East of England with a fast and professional glazing service. Our services are not limited to kitchen splashbacks, we are a company dedicated to creating the best bespoke glass fitting service for your home.

To enquire about our kitchen splashbacks to see which of our range of colours will suit your kitchen best, get in touch with our team. Fill out our online contact form or ring us on 01689 854517.